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‘What is behind the scenes? an analysis of the politics of the emphasis on "successful reconciliation"


This is an article from the TOKYO SHIMBUN, dated 18 August 2009, on the question as to the reason why the Japanese government and the “reconciliators” in Japan stress only the success of reconciliation, and do not inform at all about those who are still waiting for an honest apology and reconciliation. The article argues that there are three reasons to stress the success, a) not to argue about the San Fransisco Treaty, b) the Blair-Abe proclamation in 2008 January that Japan and Britain will cooperate military wise, which was forecast by top figures in ministry of self defence, that Japan would charge forward towards remilitarisation by a national vote. TOMOYO NAKAO argues that it is far better to not to go for remilitarisation, as a militarised Japan would not be trusted, and it is much better to respond properly for the war responsibility - after all, it saves on tax, and it is the due response for the loss of such a great number of victims in the war.

NB: After this article, on 22 August 2009, from Asahi Simbun, yet again, the huge success of reconciliations was reported, mainly about Mrs. Keiko Holmes BCFG, and those of the reconciliation and friendship trust. The question remains why there is no description of the POWs who still wait for a real apology.